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SSNCE, chennai

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:30 pm

You know you are in SSNCE, chennai when

1)You go to college in the morning and invariably find a bunch of people at the gate already ready to leave!

2)You see guys disembark from their buses and head straight to the hostel instead of their respective departments.

3)You also see people who spend their free time studying and getting their doubts clarified.

4)You find yourself taking stupid tests every other week, or bunking them as the case may be Smile

5)You can enter or leave college whenever you want, and ID cards are conspicuous by their absence.

6)The various blocks are so far apart that just walking from one's department to the labs, library etc would suffice for daily exercise.

7)The food in the mess is so pathetic that even teachers and the mess in charges refuse to eat there, although it's free for them.

8)Spotting good looking girls on campus is a rare event and some people spend the entire duration of their course without considerable success!

9)You wander around the campus in search for any semblance of a compound wall only to find yourself in some village a good hour and a half later.

10)You see extensive plush green well manicured lawns which I think are partly due our resident campus cows who graze there everyday.

11)The nearest hangout outside campus is a multiplex miles away (unless you count the third grade hotel whose only attraction is the bar attached).
And last but not the least you know you are in SSNCE when

12)The entire campus is Wi-Fi and first years are provided with laptops but access to the...

net is blocked to prevent students from viewing inappropriate content . . .

(This BUZZ was publiseed JAM MAG website)

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